April 20, 2010


Sorry I've been out of service for a week and a half, or however long it's been.   Aside from having a crazy schedule, I recently had some minor surgery which has slowed me down considerably.  This oxycontin is a considerable pharmaceutical!   Since I'm homebound for a couple more days, I'm hoping to actually finish up my tongue/jaw post. But in the meantime, some fun.

Highlights of our latest Shenanigans:

2 parents took 1 excited girl to the circus!

1 dog who's needed 2 trips to the vet for teeth cleaning and 1 weird self-inflicted itching injury.

1 Moms Weekend in chilly Nags Head, NC with other moms of children with Down syndrome.
  (Sure, that's root beer in my hand  ;-)

2 Special Olympics swim meets.

1 horse lesson

2 soccer practices (her favorite)

1 big brother + friends home for the weekend  (Sorry, no real pictures.  Just imagine several brainy males discussing topics ranging from strategy games to mitochondria.)
(In case you want to hear a song about mitochondria, you can find a terrible one here.)

The finale:  1 more first-thing-in-the-morning picture.  Way to go, Sherlock! 

(the precursor picture can be found here)

p.s. Hannah is featured on Windmills and Tulips today!  Thanks Jasmine!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Hannah! Love the morning picture as well!


mauimom said...

You are all busy..having a fun time!

JennyH said...

Busy! Like the pictures to go with it.

Hope your doing well.