November 4, 2009


The other day Hannah found some magnets from when she was younger. There were dinosaurs and farm animals. She played with them for quite a while, sorting them, having the dinosaurs eat the farm animals, making the duck and chicken get married, etc.

She called out to me: I like THIS dinosaur the best.

Me: Why?

Nan: Because he is the fastest and he eats meat. We could be carnivores together! (*big smile*) (it's true, she does love meat)

Then, as a quiet afterthought: Besides, I'm the fastest too.


Kelly said...

Go Hannah! :)

Beverly said...

Hannah is too funny!

Natalie said...

That girl is too sweet for words!

Shelley said...

I love it! I had to say 'hi' cos my Hannah is a lot like yours - albeit younger at only 5 - and I'm not referring to the extra chromosome so much as the gorgeous hair, smile and glasses!
I have really enjoyed reading the posts on this page - I teach a number of students from the middle east - I bet Kate is having an amazing time there.

Dawn said...

Taylor has a thing for magnets as well. I can just tell Hannah has a great sense of humor.

Sarah B said...

Love her!