September 21, 2009

First day of school!

Good Morning Student!

Here are some of your subjects for this year.

Let's review Numicon shapes while I prepare the rest of the lesson.

Now, make all variations of 10.

Our day went well, and we did manage some enthusiasm! We reviewed lots of old stuff, and started on the new as well. Hannah chose to begin with her new Health books (of course). Then she chose reading, geography, Numicon (video coming soon), spelling, penmanship, Thinking Skills (love these books), fine motor (made/colored/cut a puzzle), and piano (always last). She cooked her lunch (Annie's Macaroni and Cheese), and now she's painting. We have dance this afternoon, and then we're done!

If only I can make it a routine, then we'll be set!


A funny:

Hannah chose four colors for her puzzle. One was a yellow, labeled "canary". We briefly talked about what a canary is.

When she was done coloring, I was glanced over and saw that the yellow was so very light.

Mom: Oh, that yellow is very light.

Hannah: Yes....(thinking) light as a feather!


Beverly said...

Happy First day of 5th grade Hannah!!! Looks like a busy and full day!

Wendy P said...

That was a funny! She must get it from her mom.

Anonymous said...

WHere did you get the Numicon? Sounds very interesting. Can you tell me more?


Monica said...

Sounds like a very busy day!! And thanks for sharing!!! I'm ordering Thinking skills! You should go into sales ;) Hope you have a great school year!!