September 3, 2009

Today was Hannah's first orthodontic appointment. They needed to get records, so she had x-rays, photographs, and finally molds of her teeth. She was cheerful through all of it until the molds. The tech surprised her with the cold mucky putty. Hannah immediately teared up. She did NOT like it. Fortunately it didn't take long for the mold to set, so she had some time to recover before they did the upper teeth.

I think she didn't like it because it had a minty scent/taste. She can't stand mint at all. (I get to eat all the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies!)

She cried through the upper teeth mold too, but settled down with a little distraction with a Rainbow Fairies book.

Here's the finished product:

She goes back in a few weeks to get braces on her upper teeth. They'll add the lower braces in a few months.


We've been raising some caterpillars from our garden. I had been waiting and waiting for them to show up on our parsley, but I never saw them. I figured that the butterflies just missed us this year. Then I decided to clear out the carrot patch, and midway through I discovered a couple dozen caterpillars on the carrot tops! I never grew carrots in the summer before (and won't again--too bitter from the heat), so it didn't occur to me that they were also good nursery for black swallowtail butterflies.

We gave some to friends, and the rest we brought in to grow and transform in an aquarium.

Here is a picture of three chrysalides on a stick. It's interesting that two of them turned brown to match the stick, but the lower one remained green.

Today we had three butterflies emerge! It's so much fun to set them free!

Listen carefully--Hannah whispers to the butterfly, "You're beautiful."

And today I found tiny baby caterpillars on my parsley!! So we'll have another round of caterpillar daycare. (Any locals who would like to have some bugs, just let me know!)


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Sarah wants me to tell you that I had those same molds done this week and I wanted to cry. It is not fun. You did great Hannah. We are really following your story about the braces because we have been talking about it for Sarah recently. So please keep the posts coming, we are learning from you. Beautiful butterflies.

Anonymous said...

Those teeth molds are the worst!! I've had them done several times and the upper one is awful... it feels like you're gagging the whole time.

Your butterflies are beautiful. I bet it was neat to see them flying away when you released them.

Beverly said...

Poor Hannah! I know it makes me gag to have those done. Love those butterflies.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a butterfly aquarium! A great idea! Hannah is so sweet, too, with her soft exclamation of beautiful.

I feel for Hannah. When I was a little girl, I had a mean dentist and I've been turned off ever since. Having to make the molds must be overwhelming!

BUT having the braces will be so good in the long run!

Dawn said...

I'm with Hannah. I had those molds done way back when I was 12. As I was reading your post, I could suddenly feel and taste those molds in my mouth. Can a person have P.O.M.M.S.D? (Post Orthadontic Mouth Mold Stress Disorder)

I love the video. Thank you so much for sharing that. I have a granddaughter that absolutely loves butterflies.

Heidi said...

Poor Hannah! Those molds are awful! I'm glad she made it through okay.

Those butterflies are beautiful!

Monica said...

Adam is getting his upper braces on Sept. 21!!!! Good luck with yours!!

And we so wish we lived by you so we could get some caterpillars!!! Very cool, thanks for sharing~ I totally agree, ~Beautiful~