August 30, 2010

Two years!

And once again I come in just under the deadline!   I thought my blogiversary was tomorrow.  But no, it's today!

Sharing our lives, and in return, gaining friends around the world is an amazing bargain--I definitely get the better end of the deal!  It has been quite a bit of fun getting to know you.  Some of you have been here for a long time, and others are new to the Shenanigans world.   I know many of you are lurkers or occasional visitors.  I'm grateful to each of you who takes time to read a little something here.

My goal for blogging is two-fold:

1. To share some things in my life that might be of use to someone else--whether that is tangible, concrete help, or just a vague shift in expectations.
2. To cover up the fact that I will never ever make a scrapbook.

Since I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, I'm re-posting a photo montage I posted almost two years ago.   I haven't written much about Hannah's early years.   How sick she was when she was born, how we had to wait years for her to be a surgical candidate due to pulmonary hypertension, waiting to find out if she ever would have her life-saving heart repair.   It was a worrisome time.   But at the same time, Hannah showed us that she could thrive while she was with us.  She brought us out of our worry--away from our what-ifs--and into the moment.  Her enthusiasm for living never faltered.

Tonight, at bedtime, a decade after that last picture was taken, Hannah was imagining all the things that she'd like to glow in the dark:  a necklace, a cup (on her bedside table), her pillow, a book, eyebrows (so she could read in the dark), her teddy bear, and a whole slew of silly things, getting more giggly as she came up with each idea.

She completed the list with the best idea yet:  a glow in the dark light bulb.   We both laughed so hard!

I love that she can play with words and ideas, that she has a sense of humor, that she is an interesting person.  And I'm really glad that I can share her with you.


Mel said...

She was a gorgeous baby (hardly surprising, as she's a gorgeous young lady) and now I'm all clucky!

Stephanie said...

Happy Blogiversary! What beautiful pics!!! Time goes by so fast ...doesn't it. My daughter Olivia is 12, going on 13 in Sept and it seems like yesterday she was just a baby.

Hannah, is a lovely young lady and I'm so happy we found you out here!

heidi marie said...

happy anniversary!!!

Kate said...

Lub that baby girl.

Brandie said...

Happy blogiversary! I am forever grateful that you have chosen to share Hannah with us.

I finally admitted to myself that I am just not a scrapbooker. So, I click, crop, and upload to Shutterfly. Then wait for my photobook to show up in the mail!

Melissa said...

Happy blogiversary! I love the montage, and espcially the picture of Hannah in the yellow dress.

And I really did LOL at your #2. I don't do scrapbooks either. Heck, I've never even managed a baby book, so my blog is my substitute.