August 19, 2009

Mawwedge. It's what bwings us togevah.

Hannah's been trying to figure out this whole marriage thing.

A few weeks ago she started asking James if she could marry him. (I remember asking my Daddy if I could marry him when I was little too.)

A few days ago she asked if she could marry me.

(Background knowledge: A few weeks ago Kate broke up with her boyfriend John, after 2.5 years together.)

Here's the conversation:

H: Mom, I'm gonna marry you when I'm older.

Me: No Babe, you can't marry me. I'm already married. And you can't marry someone in your family. You have to pick someone else.

H: Then I'll marry Kate.

Me: No. You can't marry someone who is part of your family.

H: Hmmm. I guess I'll marry Mickey Mouse then. (smirking)

Me: You want to be married to a mouse?

H: No. I think I'll marry Handy Manny. (She knows that I think Manny is cute--we saw him live on stage and the actor was really good looking!)

M: Okay, but doesn't he already have Kelly? (the hardware store woman) How about someone human?

H: Umm. Okay.

M. How about ____? (One of her friends)

H. Hey! I know! I'll marry John!
(I think she's after his electric guitar.)


Charissa said...

She cracks me up!

Wendy P said...

And love...twue love...

Heidi said...

How cute! Marriage is hard to figure out!

Beverly said...

she is too funny!

Monica Crumley said...

What a cute conversation. Mickey Mouse? Taken. Handy Manny? You might have a nice, helpful son-in-law there... don't discount it too quickly :-)

Ria said...

Your conversation cracked me up. Too cute and funny. Monica is right though, Handy Manny might really be helpful. Also, your title reminds me of one of my favorite movies "The Princess Bride". :-)

Kate said...

me: Ummmm.....awkward?