May 11, 2009

Dance Revolution

Today was Parent Observation Day at Hannah's Miracles in Motion class. This is a multi-age dance movement class for children with special needs. Most of the students in the class have Down syndrome, and range in age from 5-17 (though the instructor's little boy is almost 3 and he participates too!).

The class works on balance and gross motor skills through dance. They are working out some choreography for one of the songs in High School Musical.


And here's our Twister!
(We always knew she was a natural disaster!)



Monica said...

I LOVE IT!!! I so, wish we had a class like this in our neck of the woods, Adam would love it!!!

Lily said...

Woohoo! You go girl! Great dancing Hannah!

Beverly said...

so sweet! I love her hair, she is so cute!

Kate said...


I have an article to send you from People about Ds dancing classes. I meant to stick it in the announcement but forgot.

Dustin and Kelly said...

Fabulous dancing Hannah! I can't wait until Landon can take lessons with you!

Kimy said...

Woo hoo Hannah!! Great dancing!!! Loved it!!!

exnyers said...

go hannah!!! she's got some awesome moves! she can certainly outdance me, that's for sure! :)