September 1, 2008

I have blatantly swiped this from another blog...I hope that isn't a breach of ettiquette. Forgive me. I am new here.

Our Picasso

Michelle at DownBlogger has it on her blog. See? I am not so authentic as you thought!

I think it is worth sharing. I'm not really plagiarizing am I? I'm giving her credit for what she rightfully swiped from someplace else (straight from YouTube as far as I know). And besides, my blog is serving a completely different audience than hers is. I think.
(you hush now, Winter)


Wendy said...

Bawhaha hehe ho ho!! I SAY NOTHING will laugh hysterically! But mostly because I HAVE NO CHILDREN!!!

Tom and Deb Dougherty said...

I am so moved by this youtube video. What a wise girl she is, and the video speaks volumes. May I use it on mine? I would like others to see it.
Also, can I add a link to your blog to my blog? :)

Tom and Deb Dougherty said...

PS With feedjit, you can go to live feed and remove your IP address, so one can not tell how often the website has been checked. :) Good one for us stalkers. LOL